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feeling well. he started to talk to doctors. they a bad waited his situation and told and time to come to go this undergo this minor procedure at stanford court to see exactly what is going on that. this is coach jim harbaugh. you can see he does have a bit of a dispirited demeter at 48 years old. and a spirited- demesne year and also and n f l quarterback. as the 49ers training for the facility that everybody is focusing on the chicago bears monday night team. this is a statement from the team. >> at the facility today under doctor's orders he is getting a minor procedure done at stanford university hospital for an irregular heartbeat. we anticipate that they will be back in the -tomorrow but
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we cannot have any more affirmation than that. the assistant head coach and special teams coordinator, brad seely will handle all the meetings today when we have more information we will pass that along as soon as possible. >> it is not clear what capacity he will return to they would not reveal weather the coach is suspending the tonight. key, and his wife have recently welcome to a third child of the month of september this has caught the team by surprise. coming up, at 6:00 p.m. and we will have reaction from the players. reporting at stanford hospital, and to resell estacio. >> grand, if they think that they could do think he could be coming back tomorrow, grant? >> it leads you to believe
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that it is not that serious if these going to be at this facility tomorrow. however, this means everything to the 49ers. you look at how much he struggled he turned stanford r. run but if you look at the record before harbaugh got there, 6-9, the first year. a 20-11, the improved at 13-3. a remarkable turn around. he as been named coach of the year. his rookie season. and the record so far this year is that it is good. 6-2 and 1 insofar in 2012. this guy, literally, has turned the organization are round. you see how animated he is this infamous hand shake incident last year whit jim schwartz. that hot thought that jim
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harbaugh got perhaps a bit too animated. >>catherine: i remember that. >> he is how strong, and intense and anybody that is been around would never describe him as laid back or relaxed. it is not stunning that he could have that something wrong with his heart. fortunately. it seems to be minor, we think. as terisa mentioned he was a quarterback for 15 years and he keeps himself in great shape. but he has worked long days the hours are unbelievable and it is high stress. we'd just hope that he is falling.he is-we hope thae is finding will play chicago bears on monday. >> continue to stay with us we will continue to keep you updated. and our twitter and facebook. >> a registered sex offender was volunteering at a church
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affiliated school and san jose. he was helping out at san francisco elementary last month. as rob fladeboe reports he was not a arrested because he was there with the permission of church officials. >> it was during a widely attended festival at st. frances cabrini last month an unincorporated san jose were somebody recognized mark gurries is a registered sex offender and notified the sheriff's deputy working as security detail. when asked to leave, he said that the deputy had permission to be there in form of a letter from the san jose diocese. >> with probation. >> although she did not say why a spokesperson for the san jose diocese confirmed the portion was given but in the statement said that such permission is not consistently with diocese policies and that he is no longer volunteering at the
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school. many parents are angry about what happened. >> i could not on the diocese of that we're supposed to be fingerprinted and everything to take our kids for the field trips and everything. and if we are chaperones or not. >> he was convicted of molesting a young relative. no one into the door at this residence in san jose. he will likely face no charges as a result of an obscure state law that permits certain sex offenders on school grounds. >> we confirm with the deputy that there is a california statute that basically says registered sex offenders can be on school grounds as long as they have permission by a church -- buy is cool facility. the minister says the case is still open but did not comment on speculation that gurries. it reportedly little or no supervision had somewhat taken advantage of a
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loophole in the law to be a run hundreds of children. san jose, rob fladeboe. >> team coverage continues and people would think that a registered sex offender would be totally off-limits for a school campus. >> correct there is very little that prevents a registered sex offenders from being at schools. we are saying that there are laws about living at schools under just cause law. you cannot live within 2,000 ft. of preschool. but that has nothing to do with being a school. also if you are on probation or parole you could be prevented to be near children. as a condition of your parole or probation the ones that and, there are two to for laws penal code section 29 0.95 prohibits sex offenders whose victims were under 16 from working alone with children or in a supervisory or disciplinary capacity.
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and penal code section six to 6.81 make it a crime for registered sex offenders to come into school or on school grounds or unless and this is key and thus their written permission from the school administrator and have lawful business to be there. >> why would there be this loophole in the first place? >> i've been speaking with a lot of attorneys and the district attorney's office and many did not realize that this law was this exception. many of whom howard did. but they did say that it is to believe there for parents working convicted of a sex offense of a can get on campus for the parent/teacher night or to do something with their child. >> that is interesting and the bill for the registered sex offend on school grounds does not sit well with the child's rights activist whose child was kidnapped and missing in 1993.
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>> one of these loopholes become offithese must be- closed. to eliminate the letter altogether or requiring school administrators it to notify the parents of the children at the school when it they to allow one of these offenders onto the school. to participate in voluntary duties. >> they are calling this a pictorial of the public trust. >> we are wondering what you think on this sex offender loophole. but there are a lot of strong opinions on this topic. more that we posted on our facebook fan page. we want to know what you think. you can join the conversations and we will be reading comments on a look of the later in the show. >> a developing story in san francisco they are working
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to catch the water main break. this is video from sky 7 ht abc news about one hour ago. this is to the sunset district. between 27- 28 it looks like a mess but not that that we are live at the scene and will keep you updated on this as it continues. >> if this was pretty mild are run the bay area today that is going to change. and it will be changing quickly we will take a look at our rooftop camera and i am in the weather center with a jacqueline. jacqueline? >> we're still talking about rain is it the right time permit would talked about yesterday. with a little bit of light rain this evening of most of it will be moving in tomorrow. stormtracker 4, there is definitely rainfall right now. so fog just rainfall, that satellite and radar and with light green offshore that we just saw on
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the radar. and we can still see plenty of rainfall to the self this is and a couple of different areas the east could be impacting us first, this one tomorrow. as we take a look it futurecast will see that the cloud coverage to the 8:00 hour. even on friday, but the widespread wide rainfall will be into the commute in the afternoon will time it out on futurecast with snowfall and the sierras. >> international news we good-looking and all out a ground war pretty soon between the israeli and palestinian militants in gaza uk is see this chaos. they say that palestinian militants aimed more than 200 rockets towards israel today three of those targeting the densely populated tel aviv. israel
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reports that three people have died and 18 of the errors were owned killed and the israeli military is moving up to 30,000 troops to the israeli cause of strip border is reall gaza in preparation for a ground attack. they are keeping a close eye of development. >> 768 rockets have been fired from israel towards gaza hamas is the palestinians' local party that controls the government in the gaza strip both sides have been tweaking what moves for making and
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pictures of children harmed by the attacks. israeli officials treated this video of their forces striking and killing the head of hamas' military wing ahmed al jaabari here's a still image showing the car in which he was writing flames being put out in gaza bucket the size of this crater and gaza city after an israeli air strike. this shows a person in israel being taken away after a rocket was hit in this town. >> will have more on local news and libya coming into the break.
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room this major incident/tragedy in texas. this in midland texas that 17 people are hospitalized and four people are dead after a train hit a veterans' parade float in west texas. 17 people injured. this train hit this veterans' parade float. we will bring you more including video. >> congress is pressing top intelligence they want answers.
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>> washington lawmakers spent thursday pressing for answers on how u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed during the september of attack on the consulate in benghazi. capitol hill became home to multiple hearings on the tense investigation including fundings for security at the consulate. been i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states and others in the administration, using terms as " deliberate lies ". if you want to know who is responsible in this town by yourself a mirror. >> among those testifying, active cia director, michael morell who was tapped to lead the agency after david petraeus resigned last week admitted to an extramarital affair. the x cia director, will also speak to both the
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house and senate intelligence committees on friday morning. >> more recently, the resignation of general petraeus has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in a report he prepared following his visit to benghazi. another sidebar, the contentious battle brewing involving toward u.s. ambassador you= = = abbasid = for -- susan rice. the u.n. ambassador, susan rice. who could be leaving that post early next year. >> now president obama has the gall to flow out been named as possible secretary of state the name of the person who is the actual vehicle used to misinform the american people during this crisis. >> clinton will also testify next month before the house affairs committee after the attack and libya. in washington, i'm torry dunnan >> bp has already going to
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agree to plead guilty to a dozen felony charges stemming from the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the company will pay $4.5 billion in penalties. that is one of the top of the 20 billion the company has already agreed to pay into a trust fund to cove the damage claims. the oil rig explosion killed 11 workers, and dumped millions of barrels of oil into the gulf it was one of the worst spells in history. >> president obama is taking a live look at this devastation in new-york city. left behind by super storm sandy he took a helicopter tour today of of queens, staten island. this included breezy point, a waterfront community in queens were about 100 homes were damaged in a huge fire.
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the president also met with people waiting in line at an emergency response center in staten island. >> by 3:00 p.m., some light rain. at 3:00 a.m., actually in the mid morning, widespread rate fall to the bay area. and then alcohol we could see even heavy rainfall through the san mateo coast and debt-heavy rainfall--with heavy rainfall to the delta and the north bay. with heavy rainfall, continuing to the north. we will see that shower activity overnight on saturday. temperatures? it is going to be a bit cooler than today. 60s. is not going to dropoff that dramatically but that storm is actually a warm storm. temperatures will stay mild, 60s but for the snowfall in the sierras because this is a war storm not quite much snowfall. concentrating our
5:20 pm
vision on lake tahoe you will see mostly the green, the yellow with a rainfall in of lake tahoe region the. some snowfall of the higher elevations but mainly grain. that this take a look the lake tahoe forecast. the -- reign at the higher elevations. but below that elevation, the like slush level will get rainfall. these temperatures are for lake-level at 630 0 ft.. with rainfall tomorrow, saturday and on sunday morning and also some gusting winds. clearing, dry air weather. but they will stay dry and another round of rain on the way for tuesday evening. >> we are live and daly city we are waiting for that rainfall and they have been working around the clock to work and avoid a another month slide. what this
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um, since when does a letter from a church mena that a person doesn't have to follow the law? there should be background checks that every festival were a kid are involved. we like to know what you think of the big daddy stories. go to our facebook fan page. our big- stories of the day....
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> next at 5:30 >> gasoline prices are falling sharply from record highs but what they got so
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expensive and the first place. an investigation. gabe slate tech report tech companies are really gaining popularity but now there could be a setback in california public utilities commission with a huge flying on these companies. that they are not operating safely. a huge--fine
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> for bay area drivers the roller-coaster ride may be over to record high prices of early october have dropped steadily. from nearly $4.70 a gallon to less than $4. that's just 55 more than one year ago. the gap with the national average as narrowed for more than $1 to about half that amount. maureen kelly was there as experts and oil
5:31 pm
industries testified. >> the recent spike in california gas prices market manipulation or a textbook example of supply and demand? that is what state senators marco and loni hancock or try to find out during eight to our informational hearing. >> we had some perpetual possibilities of supply. the of the california energy commission pointed to production problems in the state's tight market. specifically the october 1st emergency. >> this is the straw that broke the camel's back. , one expert testified that it is not likely that evidence of shady dealings would be uncovered. >> is not a of the anny anti- trust low unilaterally. in order to drive up prices. however, if they are
5:32 pm
concluding, that is illegal. we could investigate to our heart is content. >> more assess the needs to be shed on oil companies before market manipulation could be ruled out. >> we do not know if there was a real shortage, or if the plans for operating were not operating. markets work best in the light. dark markets are profitable for the insiders. for our most critical commodity we need to make sure that this is an open environment. >> the state senators say they could not get all the answers they needed to day the plan on continuing to investigate. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>catherine: the public utilities commission safety violation have all been fined $20,000. such as
5:33 pm
'uber', 'lift, and side car'... >> some of these companies that are offering have different ways of making this work. through social media, or even a smart phone application. however they have each been slapped with $20,000. >> the consumer adoption has been incredible. thousands every week and that gets the attention of people and i think there are questions that people cannot understand what we're doing. >> according to the public utilities commission the our charter party carriers and have to obtain authorization before authorizing aunt of party in this state. >> we are not a charter party. if you try to get an authorization you have to
5:34 pm
list the vehicles that we only are a platform for people that authorize the people that need rides that cannot own vehicles i think it is clear that they are trying to fit us in a box that does not fit. >> they say is all about safety it is just about as easy as in the transportation service on the road. >> a $1 million lawsuit is credited the $750,000 requirement that the pc has on entities that they do recommend we do criminal background checks on anybody that wants to do this. they do not have this as a requirement on entities that they regulate. we do a department of motor people that have strict criteria. they require a dmv record check but they did not have criteria of what is a acceptable or not. with the entities that they regulate i'd think that it is clear that we belong safety we belong believe-in safety. been iceboat to the
5:35 pm
california highway patrol an-the california utility commission is believing that they are trying to keep the public safe. if the company does not pay or appeal the could face more fines and they could not tell meet after that. they will wait and see how this plays out. i will keep you updated gabe slate tech report >> there were many unpeople- on happy people of united. - non non have the people of united for passengers. nearly 10 flights delayed the problem was of a cargo loading computer it was the third big computer problem for united, this year. san francisco police say a woman led them on a chase that ended in two different crashes. and it ended up with a bicyclist crashing in. the driver was a woman
5:36 pm
been sarina bourros. was arrested. will tran. >> this is where she was ultimately arrested. at south bend and as you can see the damage that she impacted our hitting this truck she also managed to lock knocked out electricity to this traffic light. that is why they have been working all day. cerena barros... of around 2:00 a.m. when the c h p that she blew onto one on ramp. and it was actually shot down for repairs. the chp officer was stationed and they noticed. and they pursued this woman. they got through the streets of san francisco and had several cars. at 15. that car rolled forward and ultimately hit a pedestrian. the production
5:37 pm
was released from the hospital that--pedestrians. however, there were people that were living in this neighborhood and we spoke to the owner of this truck. he saw the woman laughing and did not take it too seriously when she was getting arrested. also that she could hear the woman cackling as if she did not care that she was getting arrested. and get this data on the worksheet arrested for felony, d y, reckless driving, hit and run and the vat, according to the c h p she has had three prior d.u.i. is she has been arrested now for another in the the... is from sky 7 ht the injured officer broke bones in his shoulder, arms, ribs and also head injuries the driver of the car key hit was not injured.
5:38 pm
>>jacqueline: we will see the rain fall offshore is looking like what we would deal about last night. the increasing clouds and that rainfall offshore it will press towards the coast and it will be moving south towards the north as the go overnight. here is what we can expect with the one system that is going to the coast. this short wave with a series of storms starting tonight and saturday towards it sunday. the showers will begin from south towards the north and it will be steady rain fall on friday. it will last until saturday morning. heavier. saturday, continued rainfall and rainfall and wind as the go towards it sunday more on that coming, not. >>catherine: j. r. stone is
5:39 pm
in the sierras, with the latest on the conditions. we can see you. >> now that i can turn the lights on you concede that it is somewhat quiet. nevertheless, is ski season, catherine that the ice skating rink is open everything is open at north star. some of those resorts are open to more but is this the time. more of them making to the slopes. i talked to those folks and they're so excited to be out here. >> and the new skiing here? >> yes. >> this is all new. this first day i'm going to have some awesome rocking new gear. >> you been doing this for a while? among the most experienced? of a vivid of the most but i'm pretty good. >> of this is from fresno. a six hour drive. >> squawk, awesome! from
5:40 pm
squad. >> from one resort to the rounds and making a nice to dump. this weekend. making a nice shift in go back and work to more i am living the dream of. >> and this guy is trying to keep up with you. >> and he is pretty advanced for his age. >> i started doing jobs and still like that. >> you can see doing-jobs. that seven year-old make me feel like a beginner he was doing all towards of snowboarding-job jumps kirk.... open on friday and when you can see of this snowfall. today, it was into the 50s at one point but to have to keep in mind a couple of weeks ago but had to feed of snowfall. last week day at 1 ft. and now there are expecting more snowfall for the coming days. this white stuff is still on the ground but
5:41 pm
nevertheless, the temperatures have been dropping in keeping that white stuff on the ground. out here you can see it is somewhat quiet. likely, more people expected to make their way up here and enjoy this with beautiful conditions.
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>>catherine: stocks closed down today after a week forecast from u.s. retailers. claims for unemployment and were up. the dow was down 28 today. in fact stocks have fallen since president obama was reelected. a divided congress was returning to power last week. the dow lost another 5 percent since election day. >> the airline industry had a difficult day today with
5:45 pm
more difficulty. >> i've always had very bad experience with the united this is their third outage since the month of march with their merger in continental. they picked up the passenger computers from continental but they are not booking correctly it is big flaws. if you are flying united today your probably delayed. warren buffett said that it was the worst investment with twa in the 1970's. some does it right, southwest does it right is been a fairer of bed bvirgin america doesn't--good. >> big losses and also the u.s. postal service. $16 billion and mmany of this is of these employee benefits. >> this business model is broken. web use is up and e- mail is up and u.s. postal service is down with a bloated system from the 19th
5:46 pm
century. ups, fedex does it right. losing 16 million is only embarrassing they want to get bailed out again becomes a lose-lose. >> walmart's seems like a win and win. you. u.s. economy people how much they spend at wal-mart. >> these crazy statistics. one in every $4 is spent at wal-mart on groceries. they are larger than kroger, sears, home depot, combined. many people live with and the cabinets of a wal-mart they serve to order a million people per week. they make millions and 200 million people are served per week. $4,000 per year and all for new service they will send you 5-7 food samples. that is the key word. it is basically like a
5:47 pm
small reasandtesting of samples. and it is a tedious concept. >> to you still like wal- mart as a stock?, it is long term. but i do not think that is when the good of performer. >> wahl thank you, rob black. -think you. pier with a free fall is starting to get close. we could see showers but the bulk of the rainfall could be early tomorrow. in fact steady saturday, and we will see more rainfall saturday afternoon it could be drier. as we take a look at what we are expecting right now the satellite and radar showing the increase cloud coverage that we've been experiencing. showers approaching the coast. those are going to move into the
5:48 pm
bay area. for this evening however it might not hit the ground. let us take a look at futurecast. what would expect overnight. by 8:00 p.m., the cloud coverage and some showers for later evening. and early evening in. the light rain over the east bay by 3:00 a.m. but widespread late rain fall into the afternoon the same put it is going to increase in intensity. the evening commute will be impacted with heavy rainfall along the san mateo coast. the peninsula, the east bay, the valleys, that will continue to press to the north near 8:00 a.m. one of those rare systems that will come up from the south and code to the north but intensifying by 8:00 a.m., to 9:00 a.m. to the north bay. spotty showers out on saturday morning and continued rainfall. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 60s because this is not
5:49 pm
a cold system coming out of the north from candid but it is coming up from the south. warm air patterns, is coming home not from canada, we are expecting precipitation in lake tahoe. lake level, not snow. however, higher elevations chrisy snowfall precipitation at 630 0 ft. and above. more rainfall next week with saturday, sunday, try on monday of what we call on tuesday. and wednesday, possibly thursday. stay with us.
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the baseball mvp they have been waiting to buster posy when the national league? >> he did. not much suspense, catherine. most people think that he did and he did in a landslide in fact he was.
5:53 pm
>> he's very likable, 25 years old, with an ndp, to world series rings. >> we love punster. >> with the ndp and he also has twhich he has an ndpand the kemvp and two world series rigns... he batted 3 3/6. 100 rbis and also part of the most arguably one of the best i do not know how many people expected him to win after the devastating injury never remember but the had the talent and to put this together. he got the news in the back home in georgia. he was at a charity of and for the school his mom works. >> with a great ownership.
5:54 pm
the front office, putting great guys on the field. it is a great place to come and play ball every day i am very fortunate it is a great apartment. we have seen is how passionate our fans are i am so fortunate to play in san francisco. i cannot ignore honore-cannot be more hot also the brewers was one of the last winter's, adjacent and miguel cabrera. the with a cute family mortgage....morgae news
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> 40 niners coach, jim harbaugh at stanford university hospital tonight for being treated at four in a regular heartbeat. the team calls it a minor procedure. we have reaction from the team. >> vallejo police on the lookout for a possible arsonist after three suspicious fires in 12 hours. kron 4 take you into the home of one of the victims. >> the entire downstairs is a complete loss. >> he is on the registry of sex offenders but had legal permission to volunteer at this catholic school and san jose. >> it is a pictorial of the public trust. >> child advocate marc lkaas
6:01 pm
says the law--klaas.. says the lot needs to be changed. >> we have the latest of his condition with terisa estacio. >> the word on the street is that he was not feeling well and that he seek medical attention. and if it was sent to just a minor investigation minor- procedure to undergo this one in regular heartbeat. and his sideline passionate demeter he does not hold back his emotions. his demeanor. he has been the coach for the last 1.5 years and before that he was at stanford and as well as an n f l player for 15 years. at the training camp earlier
6:02 pm
the surprise players react. >> he seemed fine to me. i have been near him in meetings and the seen falling. i did not know anything was wrong but as far as his health, i thought that he was-fine. we never want to see one of our coaches or players go downed. >> we spoke yesterday and i did not even really see anything. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he will be back. we would be glad to see him back tomorrow. >> of course the first thing i thought is how serious? but i do not think that it is a big deal. half the doctors in this area do good work i am sure that everything will be fine and that people be back tomorrow. >> as far as tomorrow it is
6:03 pm
not clear as far as what capacity are focused on the big game on monday against the chicago bears. reporting live in palo alto teresa estacio. >> new at six, a series of suspicious fires in vallejo. there have been three in 12 hours. the first was last night at 8:15 on alabama street in vallejo this is video. you can see the damage. the garage, fortunate, nobody was all but there was a lot of charged remnants. and the second fire, just two blocks away at 2:4:05 a.m. this village cocktail lounge bar. check it out this bar stool is on fire. and the damage to the interior the firefighters on the scene assessing the damage. and meanwhile, this third fire,
6:04 pm
7:30 a.m. less than 1 mi.. this vacant clinic for family pets. nobody was inside the building but fortunately, this was just one block from the police department. and a haazig madyun this mess left from that first fire. on that single-family home. >> derecognize and the of this? among yust this is my dad's old work bench. and here are some of his tools they are blackened. i do not know if we can use these anymore but i suppose that we will find out his old workbench. some of his tools. the entire downstairs is a complete loss. it is centered. we have extensive snow smoke and water damage. and the roof. they had to break to the roof? >> any damage for costs? >> no idea. >> emotional and personal
6:05 pm
belongings you cannot put a price on that. >> correct we get some of our things from our childhood. and our own homes but we are in other places but yes, you cannot. put a value on that. >> these are family photos. these are tested on the top. however if you get down inside, the pictures are still intact but hosted on the top. there are old black-and-white with toasty on the top. i grew up here, we grew up here in 1952. it is just hard to say goodbye to some of the memories that are in these walls. >> in vallejo haazig madyun kron 4. >> new at six after a string of attempted robberies san francisco has a group of people in custody. they say that there were targeting older chinese women and
6:06 pm
learning that forking over their cash, valuables. more on this. >> there have been four people arrested and charged with grand theft, extortion and other felony charges after attempting to rob two women at the of the farmers' market. this is how they get their victims. they target older chinese woman and that there are evil spirits that are going to hurt their family members and the only way to prevent it is to bring their valuables to be blessed in a cleansing ceremony. once they do that they switched and they have no clue on the november 10th, they realized that she was being scanned at the relative market. instead of going home, she went straight to the police department and believe the issue is a scam. the three women tried to run. but it was too late. >> the was property that was recovered we have a good witness identification. the
6:07 pm
officers were in immediate as the crime was occurring and this is going to make it not necessarily easier but it is going to facilitate for prosecution of this case. >> the san francisco public wants the public to be on aware. the san francisco police to are the ones people to be on aware. >> the san jose preschool are very upset or registered sex offender was given permission to be on campus this was last month. 51 year-old was convicted of molesting a young relative. line and new but gurries
6:08 pm
had a letter from the san jose diocese giving him permission to be there. >> i do not realize or why he was there. >> in a statement, the diocese says the letter is not consistent with its policies and that gurries is no longer voluntary. >> i do not know how they allow that, we have to be volunteered a vintage as the chaperones for field trips. and if we are even chaperons or not. we have to be-- fingerprinted. >> they say that he has not been charged because of a somewhat ofobscure state law. they can be on the school grounds is they have written permission from school officials. our team coverage continues with dan kerman. he is looking in that lot to see how a registered sex offender can be on school grounds. >> the law that alatas registered sex offender to
6:09 pm
be on school grounds with written permission is california penal code section 66.81. it makes it a crime predictors sex offenders to come into school or on school grounds of glass and this is key. unless the have written permission from the school administrator and have lawful business there. there this gaping loophole has been uncovered and now.. child.. advocates lamarckmarc klaas.. of the want to know exactly what is going on, as far as what their rights are part >> the voter initiative " jessica slot is preventing parolees from living 200 ft. from living near a school but that has nothing to do with being on school grounds. this is a lot that
6:10 pm
needs to be changed. >> it needs to be impossible for them to be on school grounds for any circumstances by eliminating the letter altogether or requiring school administrators to notify the parents of the children of these schools. when they do allow one of these sex offenders onto school grounds for volunteering or in any capacity. " jessica's law " is the voter approved initiativ with rep prevents parolees from living within 2,000 ft. of a school or a park.
6:11 pm
>> justin is live and daly city were working crews are trying to make sure that this mud slide is not repeat. >> they are door and all they can to make sure that this is not take over the neighborhood. these bales of hay along this street side and also they are doing everything they. along the roadside, this match, i will explain what the what do but as we wait for this rainfall, this mesh... will hopefully be preventative from hurting this neighborhood. >> and protective cover coast of this dirt and mud coated park. this jute blanket. >> we could not have the park cleared to restore the park itself we still have three-4 ft. of mud. >> to give you an idea of how much dirt. this is a picnic table and that is
6:12 pm
basically. to the top toward the working crews to not want a repeat of tuesday morning when a water pipe burst. it was so much blood that was swallowing cars and made a huge mess. this huge-is going to die for storm water into a storm drain but these are just temporary fixes but they do know the need to repair that in this impending what weather is delaying the inevitable. they know what to make sure that this-wet weather could be a problem but we are trying everything we can to prevent a reoccurrence. >> this is a new shot of equipment that it was basically a construction equipment that is basically gone there is just that one b piece of equipm in c anothe mud slide happens. they have something here this big piece here that will be able to sweep that not all the street.
6:13 pm
they are watching the rainfall closely. sweet that-mud off the street. and also, with new numbers, from the water department they said that 98,000 gal. of water spilled into the neighborhood. that is clearly double of the original estimate of 45,000. we are ready with anything that could happen, reporting live, just in walden. >>jacqueline: the stormtracker 4 showing that the rainfall is portions of the self a but the only reason is that it is dry. the south-bay showing where it will start. the majority of the rainfall will be moving in, overnight. it is well for a southern california. we will experiencing that as we go towards tomorrow. the showers will start
6:14 pm
overnight. this rare instance where it is coming up from the south and last year of the day tomorrow and the weekend. we will time it out on beecher cast and when we could have some dry air weather, we will be back. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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j. r. stone is live at the north star resort. how is it up there? it is only thursday evening but we are just under way. and it started yesterday with the ski season people started to hit the slopes. they are fired up, to say the least. i was up there on the slopes and there were not only skiing but there were also snowboarding. you can see that there is white stuff on the ground. and j. r., the temperatures are warm but a couple of weeks ago we did get a couple of feet even though we ticket those warm temperatures a lot of that is still stock. we did get the was-warm temperatures. and it is still that white snow is still sticking.
6:18 pm
seven different slopes are ready for the weekend crowds. >> when we opened the trial is about 18 in. deep. this is great. her memo i have been out skiing and it has been a blast. >> it has been out amazing and book wild. and you know, the works. and to blouck wild and what is a different story is what it will be this weekend. reporting live in lake tahoe, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> we are going to see some snowfall at the higher elevations. the satellite and radar showing that it is getting some small but not
6:19 pm
near the lake tahoe region. some-snow but mainly rainfall over the sierras. it is approaching but it is try with light showers coming near the coast. it is a bit-dry -- from 8:00 p.m.- midnight some light showers possible... that rainfall will become more widespread as we go towards 18 m it will increas in intensity by of-one a /+ m and all that yellow is indicating moderate rainfall. the from the south, and pushing up towards the north by 8:00 the delta, the north bay, san francisco. and by 11:00 a.m., we are going to see heavy rainfall. that will continue, overnight. saturday, we will still have the rainfall lasting over
6:20 pm
the day on saturday. as for high temperatures, they will stay into the 60s for the most part. this is coming from the south and from the north, thinking of the north, but the south is warm. we will keep it warm in the mainly rainfall to the sierras. as for goal overnight that snowfall continuing at higher elevations. this is where it is concentrated. as the go towards friday. many areas of rainfall and that will be at higher elevations. 7,000 ft.. taking a look at the weather advisories. look at heavy it is going to get. the slopes near the sierras, and as for the salt lake tahoe forecast the temperatures will stay in the 40's. and the south-lake tahoe forecast and steady
6:21 pm
rainfall possible on sunday. even higher this bill elevation snow elevations this t from the north cold air on sunday. it not for the common not saturday but on sunday. temperatures will stay warm. relatively speaking when there is rainfall is typically in the 50s for this time of year but now it, 60s. rain, cooler air and the chance of rainfall early next week. and active pattern. >> stay with us, more news after the break. ♪
6:22 pm
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>> firefighters from the san jose station or at their right place at the right time. they were down near king street. during this house fire. also, firefighters from another housfire station helped clean up this cement mixer that overturned causing a huge backup. we will be back.
6:28 pm
>> uc san francisco are protesting possible tuition hikes. and police in redwood city are trying to find the burglars who stole this puppy. >> this live look of stormtracker 4 where we are seeing some light showers. but it does not look like the rainfall is going to hit the ground. the timing, but the rainfall overnight,
6:29 pm
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> in palo alto, the 49ers coach jim harbaugh has undergone a minor procedure for treatment of and a regular heartbeat. they say that he sought medical attention of the-air regula-year regula of an air rb irregular. heart beat... they were surprised to understand that anything was wrong >> also this 51 year-old mark gurries. was granted
6:32 pm
permission to be on the school grounds from the san jose diocese. >> upon further investigation he had permission to be on school premises. >> in a statement, the catholic diocese said the is along for a volunteer but he will face no charges because of a state law that permits sex offenders on school grounds as long as they have permission from school officials. in san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> continuing our coverage, this law with the written permission of a school administrator is california penal code 66.81. the child's rights advocates say that this loophole and needs to be closed. marc klaas says that this written permission needs to be taken
6:33 pm
out altogether or incumbent to notify parents what is going on. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in san francisco there are two state senators that held the spike in california gas prices. loni hancock and marked leno heard from the california petroleum association, the energy association and gilani - lonnie... trying to figure out if there was any supply/demand or industry controlling or most crucial commodity. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> there are four people are arrested that evil spirits is the ploy for old chinese
6:34 pm
women to trick them into bringing them vegetables and then they switch the valuables with fakes. with- bringing them to a audibles a -- one was caught at a farmers' market. >> 112 week old laborator retriever was stolen. they also received this one-12 year-week-old because this puppy had formed a bond with their special needs a daughter. they have been putting up fliers with investigators and they are also offering a small reward for information that will bring this puppy home the puppies name is " gus ". >> 100 uc students are protesting against potential hikes. the students were chanting " no cuts, no fees
6:35 pm
" as they're blocking traffic. the uc regents.. holding a $276 million from the state the governor jerry brown should not count on the. a spokesperson for the president's office is saying that they are not voting on the item that would increase tuition. they are hopeful that the budget will not be held back. >> in daly city, the working crews have done everything they can from prevention of another mud slide. take a look this jute 8 mash burlap barrier that will hold this month in place and also more bales of hay. holding this mud. possible.. and place and mesh will help. we did get a new no. they believe
6:36 pm
that 98,000 gal. spilled into the ground creating that much like but they do not want another one to happen with the rainfall that is on the way. justine walden.. kron 4 >> the ice skating rink and nevertheless the slopes are open. i was out there is this morning and you can see there is white stuff. they have added their own snow to that keeping that there they are expecting more into the weekend. some big ski resorts are open on saturday it should be a busy weekend and lake tahoe. jerusalem, kron 4 news. >> we are going to have a very active weather pattern with showers already approaching the bay area. there is no rain hitting the ground area. it will keep
6:37 pm
moving in, overnight. and widespread like rain. and that widespread, light rain continues by wi9:00 a.m. and heavy rainfall by 5:00 a.m. south of the golden gate but north of the golden gate by 8:00. continuing to be heavy by 11:00 and even areas of more moderate rainfall by saturday. as far as the sierras this is a warm system with rainfall at the highest elevations. 7,000 ft.. even higher on a saturday but even the sixth rows and 300 on saturday. the temperatures in tahoe will be 6300 altitude of rainfall. sunday, more rainfall with cooler conditions and breezy but dry on a sunday afternoon and monday. the rainfall will continue on tuesday if (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving
6:38 pm
badly. >> in july of 2012 i did this segment. so here's the problem people are stealing muni transfers and reselling them and not just one transfer they are still in the entire book! when i did distort i knew that there were people selling beauty transfers which is illegal. but i could never actually catch someone on tape until now. for the record i was looking for something else. >> this guy decided to sell them pretty much right in front of me which got my undivided attention. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will take a look at what happened on the next edition of people behaving badly.
6:39 pm
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6:42 pm
that brought 10 t of snow! " pike " is 30 and " u-loo' is 32. this is a great way to celebrate because pallbearers and captivity to not use a live beyond 15 years. and buster posy coming up and he is only 11 years old but this is one of the best skiers in the world! he is live in the studio with sport director, gary radnich.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> good evening, everybody there is no surprise on who the national league most valuable player is. buster posy. there he is in georgia with his wife, children celebrating with 336. 24 home runs. and a world
6:46 pm
series title that got the job done for buster posy. there he is, a world series he championed. two of the three of years in the major leagues. and here is buster posy. the first giants since barry bonds. >> i think it is an accomplishment it is shared with the entire giants organization. the giants and the top of the greater ownership. with the front office, and putting great guys on the field. it is a great place to play ball every day. and very fortunate that it is a great environment. we are so fortunate to see our fans every day and i am very fortunate to play in san francisco. i could not be more honored with previous winners. >> milwaukee the one it yesterday was second a very
6:47 pm
distant second. and andrew metuchen of the pittsburgh pirates was no. 3. the first triple crown since 1967 put miguel carrera of the tigers in the american league mvp. and the daughters are going to say that he led the league but if you did something of offensively, not since the trotsky. you have heard the word. and notice, world series also covered up his team to the world series but these guys are right, mike trout. a lot of support but he is the rookie of the year. miguel cabrera on top. and jim harbaugh went under went with minor surgery. he is expected to return to practice. i said minor surgery is a minor
6:48 pm
procedure. a minor procedure. after destructor pound out after-test doctor's found out that he had an irregular heart beat. three teammates react. >> as he always tells us he is tougher than a $2 steak. we have a bunch of great coaches the keep everything on track. >> we have great doctors in this area that too great work and i am sure that everything is going to be falling and he will be back tomorrow. >> he is a great guy, a competitive there is no doubt that he will be back. we will be glad to see him tomorrow. >> alex smith participated in a limited form but is still on track to start monday against the chicago faretheirs. >> after the one of the last
6:49 pm
things you want to face is true breeze and the new orleans saints but that is what they will face on sunday. this is just a rough time for oakland with new management, new coach, and with the joke is that the same old defense. they are not very good. >> the way that they have played over the last five weeks they have played exceptionally well. and it is obviously going to be a difficult challenge going against this team. we have our work cut out for it. >> and i would to say how bad they are but they said exceptionally well. i should have said perhaps the lead in should have said and whoever writes by material. i think i wrote it [laughter] but the lead initiative in that the new orleans saints.
6:50 pm
how did they feel about them. >> we got it, it was okay. >> perhaps i cannot follow in the two guards and is a good lesson for all people. trust those people that are in your corner. unless they want to get on the air themselves. some lesson for the kids. and speaking about kids, this kid is amazing! and he is 11 years old. he is going to join us aspien spora will join us should he be in school!? >> em? no i should be skiing deepwater! >> he had me but that the pause.
6:51 pm
>> this kid is a one in a million, a great personality, we will speak with aspien.. next
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> the great 11 year-old aspen spora and warren miller this is in lake t aho'es the great you and your mom came from truckee. >> yes, wheat had like three hours and it was like 3 1/2 before hours to get here. we had to hustle. >> without getting into detail even a police officer
6:55 pm
were able to meet you? >> yes. we're going pretty fast to try to get here. >> you are a start and how long have you been participating? >> sensed i was 2 years old. >> anny siblings? >> i do not, i am an only child. >> with mom, grandparents who got to get started on skiing? to my parents. i think i first skied in the country of austria thought that was awesome. >> you began in austria. it, that is awesome. when you begin to see filming of yourself is that we need to watch yourself? meeneat? i would not say that i do or don't is somewhat in between. >> how did you get chosen for the movie? >> i was sponsored by a star
6:56 pm
out of california. and how warren miller wanted to do something with north star for this new movie. and north star came up with using the kids with me and toby. >> and your friends with johnny moseley. >> yes. >> here is aspien >> he is awesome! when i was last six years old. i watched him a lot and watching when one i always wanted to do and hopefully from that path. >> i think that you are on your way. >> check out or facebook fan page. for all of the information you will see. would you like to do more movies? >> hopefully if the opportunity is there in as many as i can possibly
6:57 pm
>> to like school? >> i like school, foreshore. >> without just regular?, borin and let us just shake hands on boring. law you have a great mom and sorry about the altercation... [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
6:58 pm
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is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. is there now a casey anthony connection to the cia sex scandal? i'm kevin frazier from new york city. "the insider" is on. another piece of the petraeus puzzle sal falling into place. >> the fbi agent is unmasked. >> the mystery fbi agent revealed. >> why he sent shirtless shots to the whistle-blower accused of giving general petraeus the kiss of death. >> the cheating general's new interview with this reporter before he testifies tomorrow. >> he knows that he made a big mistake. as the media grapples with covering the affair that left his wife furious. >> my heart really goes out to her. then -- >> elmo is having a really hard time.

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